Mental Health

It is important to look after your emotional health and not take it for granted. Our wellbeing can be affected by a range of life events, and we can all go through periods when we feel unable to cope. 1 in 4 of us will experience some form of mental health problem, particularly anxiety or depression at some point in any one year. 

Mental health is not a fixed state and at certain times in our lives events may make it more difficult for us to cope so we may need extra support, for example, after bereavement, divorce, redundancy or having a child.  

Leeds IAPT

Leeds IAPT provides a range of talking therapies including stress and mood management courses and seminars, guided self-help, cognitive behavioural therapy and other evidence based therapies.

Call 0113 843 4388. Our teams are on hand to answer your call between 8am and 6pm Monday and Thursday and 8am – 4pm Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.

What to expect when you call

  • Ensure you have 45 minutes to speak to our team. Ideally you should be in a place where you are free to speak about confidential matters (if you are concerned about the cost of the call just ask us to call you back) alternatively go to leedsiapt to complete an online assessment.
  • Once the assessment has been completed our team will then discuss treatment options with you, this could be attending one of our classes/seminars, a webinar, online therapy, face to face therapy or guided self-help



MindWell is the single 'go to' website for information about mental health in Leeds. It provides a portal for anyone living or working in Leeds to get quick and easy access to up-to-date information, including:

MindWell is is a city-wide initiative funded by the NHS which brings together resources, materials and knowledge from across the NHS in Leeds, Leeds City Council and the third sector.



MindMate is a Leeds-based website created by the NHS for young people, their families and the professionals who support them. It can help young people understand the way they’re feeling, access self-help tools and find the right advice and support in Leeds


Feeling stressed?

Find out more about what can cause stress, and how to reduce it on on the national One You website