Weight Management Services


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Weigh Ahead offers a selection of different choices which will all help you to lose and maintain weight.  We work in health centres across Leeds to deliver one to one sessions and in Leisure centres to deliver groups, please see the map below for more detail.

We offer each person the choice to have an options appointment or go straight into the next group sessions


Options appointment

The options appointment is to discuss your needs; in this appointment we will discuss your current lifestyle and physical ability.  From this we will discuss what support we can offer, to help you to achieve your weight loss target, this maybe one to one or group sessions.


One to One support could be either: 

  • One to one, personal advice from a dietitian.  They will talk to you about your current diet, eating patterns and work with you to plan changes that you could make.  They will help you stay motivated in making changes to your lifestyle.
  • One to one, personal physical activity advice and support.  The physical activity advisor will discuss your current physical activity levels and any physical or medical problems that may limit you becoming more active.  They will support you to achieve your physical activity goals to help with weight loss.  The physical activity support can range from chair based programmes to gym incentives.

Group Sessions

  • An 8 week group course, run in various leisure centres across the city. The group consists of a 90 minute session per week.  It is a chance to meet with others in a similar situation.  Each week there is a 45 minute physical activity session delivered by a physical activity specialist.  The activity is circuit based so that the activity can be tailored to your own level and needs, whether you have previously been active or have any physical or medical problems.

    Following the physical activity session, there is a 45 minute talk delivered by a dietitian.  There will also be an opportunity to visit the Ministry of Food for a cooking session and monthly drop ins for 6 months after the course has ended.

After the course has finished we also offer “moving on” which is further physical activity support via telephone, email or in a gym environment.

How to access the Weigh Ahead service

If you are interested in accessing the Weigh Ahead service please call us on 0113 843 2395 or complete the registration form found in the download box on the right hand side of the page.


Services for Children and families

Watch It

Watch it is an award winning programme delivered by Leeds Community Healthcare NHS Trust designed to help and support children and young people aged 5 - 18 who are above a healthy weight.

There are three programmes available:

  • Classic- for children / young people of secondary school age
  • Healthy Families - for children of primary school age

  • Choices - for children / young people within a Specialist Inclusive Learning Centre (SILC) school

 For more information on the 3 Watch it programmes click on the 'Watch it Info Sheet' found in the download section on the right hand side of the page.